Sunday, October 23, 2011

COMMENT from the Author

I want to thank everyone who continues to visit this page. I really appreciate that people read what I write on here.

I also want to remind everyone that the "comments" feature is supposed to be used for just that: making comments relevant to the posts on here. I read through the comment page today and found that people had been using it as a means to insult each other and discuss issues that I cannot even decipher. I would appreciate if everyone would refrain from using the comment page on my blog to attack others. That is the complete opposite of why I created this page in the first place.

I just read that somebody who previously had a link to one of my articles took it down as a result of peoples' immature behavior in the comment page. This means that less people are reading my page because people feel the need to have some sort of Internet war on the comment page of MY blog.

I apologize to those NOT involved in this behavior for having to make this post, but I don't want to see this going on my page. I am just politely requesting that anyone who calls themselves a reader of my page to refrain from behaving this way. If you read my page, you know that I am strongly against bullying, so I definitely do not want to see any bullying going on at the expense of my blog and the people who read it.

Thank you :)