Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's been awhile.....

I know it has been awhile since I've posted anything. I guess it's because I've been waiting for something real to write about and also because I've been privately working on a couple of writing projects that I've always wanted to do. From having a blog in public I've learned that I need to be careful who I trust and I advise my audience to do the same. I have VERY good reasons for saying this, and anyone who is curious is welcome to contact me.

Also, I've been approached by people saying that I should be humiliated by my last post about Penn State. But I'm not. I'm not going to be embarrassed by my immediate thoughts about that horrible scandal. I'm also not going to associate that scandal in ANY way with Joe Paterno's death. Somebody sent me a text message the other day asking me if I was going to throw a "JoePa is dead" party and I was disgusted. Despite what happened or did not happen in this scandal, Joe Paterno did a LOT for Penn State and for me. So I just wanted to clear that up. Let him rest in peace... Too many of us certainly didn't let him rest while he was alive.

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