Friday, February 11, 2011

It Doesn't Have to be All About "GTL": New Reality Show, "BULLIED" Promises to Entertain AND Educate

Reality television is taking over the world. The popularity of this genre of television continues to increase in society. Viewers loyally watch their favorite reality shows even when they get repetitive. Face it. Previously on Jersey Shore: Snooki got wildly intoxicated and woke up somewhere she didn’t belong. Sammi and Ronnie had another fight and Sammi struggled with the difficult decision of whether or not to leave the house. The guys teamed up on their quest to avoid grenades. The entire cast went tanning, and the show’s ratings skyrocketed. Viewers love to watch the same plots weekly. Watching reality TV has become a lifestyle; people have even coined the phrase “Jersday” since Jersey Shore airs on Thursdays. While people take a lot from programs like this, including hilarious quotes, they don’t really take in educational content. GTL is not a prerequisite for life. White Light Productions has decided to use the reality television genre and its popularity as a method of spreading the word about important issues to the public.

The CEO of White Light Productions, Albert Harris Jr., has a goal of spreading the word about bullying actively instead of sitting around and waiting for tragedies to happen. Harris Jr.’s original inspiration behind creating the docudrama, “BULLIED” was the Tyler Clementi tragedy. Albert Harris Jr. expects the shocking and inspiring stories in “BULLIED” to create and spread awareness. It will broadcast real-life stories of bullying as well as reenactments.

This show will be a representation of a large bulk of society, and families will benefit from watching it together, unlike with other reality TV shows. Often, when children are victims of bullying, their parents don’t fully understand what they are going through. The reenactments in “BULLIED” will make it easier for parents to grasp what is really happening to their children and why they are coming home in tears.

“BULLIED” will also display many ways that different people have overcome bullying. This will inspire viewers that are victims of bullying that they can overcome it too. This TV show will give viewers real people to look up to and relate to. Albert Harris Jr. also hopes that the show’s stories and reenactments will be uplifting for parents who have lost loved ones to bullying and moved forward in a positive way; they will have the opportunity to see how some kids have learned to turn bullying around to make the best of their lives.

Albert Harris Jr. Provided me with some examples of stories we can look forward to seeing when they are covered on “BULLIED,” which will be airing soon. The show will also tell the story of a disabled woman who was bullied by her school administrators throughout college. With a doctor on her side, she fought back and won a settlement against the school.

Additionally, Kevin Epling, a father who lost his 13 year old son Matt Epling to suicide, will do narrations through reenactments of his son Matt’s life from the beginning of it to the end of it. Matt was attractive and popular, but also a victim to severe bullying. He reported the bullying to the school, but no action was taken. Kevin Epling will tell his son’s story on “BULLIED” so that others can learn and benefit from it.

White Light Productions is choosing stories from all parts of life, because they don’t think only one side of bullying should be featured. The world needs to know everything about bullying. Using reality television’s popularity as a tool, White Light Productions will spread the word about bullying. I know that I will be one of the many interested, loyal viewers.

For more information on White Light Productions and their inspiring endeavors, please see their Facebook page.


  1. Hey I was going to tell you about 2 high school students in my town that were just charged for cyberbullying on facebook.

  2. GOOD. I'll check out that news story, but people who do that deserve to be punished.

  3. Good stuff! Good to see the word getting out about this.....have a good day.

    Take Care,

  4. Excited about this reality show. When will it air, what network?

    Check out our national Cyberbully Awareness day -

    In Austin we are putting on a live event with the support of the school districts and great non-profits all collaborating on raising awareness.

  5. Do you know when and where it will be airing? I have asked some of the groups that are said to be their endorsers and they don't have any further information. Does anybody have any further information? Thank you.

  6. I am affended by the title with 'entertained' in it. just what is entertaining about bullying and the fact that so many kids died by sucide?? My daughter lived however I am appalled by the word...........You might want to rethink this a little and if you are doing this for ALL of the RIGHT reasons.. thank you.

  7. Unfortunately, in order to affect a change in the world people need to be entertained as well as informed. Otherwise no one is going to watch the show and your cause will fall on deaf ears. And your daughter will gain no benefit from the show at all.

    Since critical and defensive is in this season. It would be a wise idea to proofread your comments. No one expects perfect grammar; this is the internet. However, misspelling simple English words hampers your argument. It is an insult to you, to the author, and to the intelligent readers of the blog who value well written English. Not to mention understanding things in context.

    This show is not meant for parents to learn about bullying. I am sure 99% of mothers have a clear understanding of bullying. The show is meant to inform the youth as to the effects of bullying their peers. And give the victims information on how to handle the situation in the moment, without having to resort to a reactive action taken by the administration.

    If you are having trouble understanding what I am saying. Think of it in context of the DARE program. Drug abuse in high schools would not be an issue if all high school students just said no. The market in the school will die out without any administrative or legal action because of lack of demand.

    This may not be 100% effective but it's a tool in the arsenal of bully prevention. Stopping it at the source is by far the most sound way to stop any disease. By ENTERTAINING and informing the children who may perpetuate or be victimized this show hopes to help build a better society through entertainment.

  8. Does anybody know if this is for real? I posted on their FB page asking the question when it will air and where and White Light deleted my question and restricted me from posting any further questions. Why that question was offensive, don't know but it makes me suspect that they would delete a benign question. Do they have something to hide? Are they weary of people with interest asking questions? Are they a real production the show for real? I heard from a group that was once listed as an endorser -- they pulled their support from them stating they are not on the up and up. Regardless, I am interested in learning more about it. If anyone has any information about, please post. I would like to pass on the word. Thank you

  9. To Anonymous:
    I have no idea why your question was deleted, but I will try to find out for you. I am not affiliated with White Light, I just made an agreement with the CEO that I would write this article because I was intrigued by the TV show. I will ask him what is going on.

  10. Some of us working with the producer are receiving threatening emails, phone calls, message on facebook, etc.. This is a form of harassment. Some refer to it as bullying. What most people do not know is that many of us are telling our stories have legal documentation.

    Bullying is the act of intentionally causing harm to others, through verbal harassment, physical assault, or other more subtle methods of coercion such as manipulation. Bullying can be defined in many different ways.

    Bullying is the repeated mistreatment of one employee targeted by one or more employees with a malicious mix of humiliation, intimidation and sabotage of performance.

    Bullying is psychological harassment.
    Bullying is psychological violence.

    How do bulliesharm:
    It interferes with work performances
    It creates turnover
    It loses the best and brightest
    It strains loyalty
    It fosters distrust
    It exposes employers to legal liability
    It creates an negative image for the business

  11. The show "BULLIED" is real. Anonymous we did not think your question was offensive. The reason we deleted your comment and questions on the facebook page is because your profile had no pictures nor friends we believed it to be fictious. Recently, we have had an abundance of fake profiles, anonymous bloggers and blocked calls spreading false rumors about our company and the show. It's a shame people feel the need to try and bring down something that will ultimately raise awareness and help the social epidemic that is affecting many people. To be honest, it is a form of harrassment and cyberbullying. And our legal team is handling it.

    If anyone was contacted by someone not associated with White Light Productions please contact me.

    Thank you everyone for the continued support. If anyone has further questions please contact me (not anonymously) and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. Thank you!

  12. Jacqueline, thank you for the reply. I have private settings activated, so you would be unable to see who i am friends with and how many friends i have...and for the very reasons you explained about cyber bullying, i keep limited information on line and no picture. Since you are here reading and answering, when is the project expected to air and where? again, thank you for the response.

  13. Ollie - White Light ProductionsFebruary 24, 2011 at 10:39 AM

    Any statement from here on out will be coming from the network. As we stated earlier, if anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the show and our company please email us @

    This is now a legal matter and we are not answering any anonymous questions.

  14. Teens Michael & Marisa Take on Bullying, ”The Same” Kids Can Help Kids. They hope their song reaches bullies & those unfairly being bullied.
    ”If our song causes even one bystander to take a stand, that one action could be the start of a chain of events that could help to stop bullying.